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My name is Ron Waldron aka the STARMAN.  I am an educator and amateur astronomer with over 35 years experience. 

The province of Saskatchewan in Canada is renowned for its wide open spaces and limitless horizons.  It is one of the few rural/urban areas where skies are still relatively clear of pollution and an awe inspiring view of the skies at night is still possible.  At Living Skies, I offer the opportunity for people of all ages to reconnect with nature and experience the universe through naked eye and telescopic star gazing. My programs include a 40-50 minute digitally-illustrated Star Talk followed by viewing through one of my three high quality telescopes at the moon, planets and brighter deep sky objects (weather permitting).

All star gazing programs and courses are original and can be tailored to the needs of your organization or group.  I am available for: family gatherings, social functions, campers, retreats and summer camps, Boy Scout, Brownie and Girl Guide groups, 4H groups, school classrooms, youth & church groups, community associations, and any other venues looking to expand their program offerings.  Your members/participants will experience the natural world of the night skies and all the wonders that it holds.

I invite you to find out more about my services by clicking on any of the links above and on the upper left.

A view of the four telescopes I use for Star Talks - left to right:  a 3" refractor, an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain, a 10" Dobsonian reflector, and 12.5" truss tube Dobsonian reflector

BINOCULAR STAR TOURS - Using a green laser pointer participants at the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party in August of 2016 are treated to my 50 minute tour of the night sky in the comfort of their lawn chairs - Photo by Alan Dyer

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